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I believe we can give our children what we never received from our own parents.
To give them the assurance they are worthy.
Worthy of receiving the exact same type of love they ask for.

In order to know what it is they are asking for, we need to listen to them.
In the language of “Miraculous Parenting,” listening means listening deep.
Listening to what transpires in the soul of a being.
Listening does not necessarily means paying attention to their words (“I do not want to go home”), and not necessarily to their overt needs (“I want only Mommy!” or “I want home”) but rather to their sensations, feelings and deep requests.

 Thank you for coming here.

I am thrilled to invite you to encounter a new way of living with children.
I have been living this way with my own girls and have been sharing it with all who would listen.
I named it “Miraculous Parenting,” not because it involves any magic tricks. Rather, the name implies that invoking this deep listening in the family is like holding a very powerful magic wand, that can generate a miraculous change that will heal humanity.
This, more than anything else.

It does not matter if you came here in order to enjoy your parenting experience,
or out of despair, having tried anything and everything to bring order in your home,

or because you yearn for something new…
In any rate, I’d like to thank you for trusting me. I invite you to read, listen and meet with me, I invite you to join a path where your own personal development and your parenting role are intertwined.
As a side effect, walking down this path, we shall find that we are re-shaping humanity to one where children and adults need not start a war to force someone to really listen.

“Miraculous Parenting” is a new point of view on living with children. It is intended to serve parents who would like to be thrilled by their parenting experience. It is intended for parents who are willing to review with honesty their parents’ principles, and those of the culture that raised us. It is for those who are willing to establish a home for their children by using totally new foundations – complete containment of their children, sincerity, intimacy and absolute trust. And with no threats, without “imposing limits,” with no punishments, and without regarding the people we hold so dear as creatures who need to be molded and taught what is best for them.

Thank you so much for coming!

I hope these words, and our joint journey shall instill your family life with freedom, intimacy and sincerity.

Shay Orr